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Two people in the shadow are caught by a security camera.
An environment completely governed by the regular screen refresh. Ironically this flicker remind us of the origin of cinema. But in the present case the rythm is more haunting, indifferent. We don’t see figures there living at full speed, but people moving towards an ending which seems irreversible.
The protagonists unknowingly superimpose their actions against this imperturbable mechanical rythm.

The spectators-voyeurs, for their part, watch and try to decode and unravel the images which follow the electronic authority of the machinery. They are hooked on whatever the machine wishes to give them.

Running Time 8 min.40
Year of Production 2002
Language /
Screening Format BetaCamSP PAL
DVD video
Director René Aeberhard
Cast Naomi Chan
Florence Roure
Olivier Zimmermann
Editing: René Aeberhard
SoundTrack René Aeberhard